About Us

Who is Momentum Global?

Momentum Global is an educational solutions company that offers solutions in line with the demands, needs and preferences of institutions in the field of education and training, and gives direction to education in this field. Momentum Global, which was established to add ‘a new and global vision and excitement to the education world’, is involved in every field that touches the learner; It has adopted the principle of making a difference in the lives of learners at all levels and fields, from the K-12 segment to those at the Higher Education level and those under the age of 18.

The main fields of service are as follows:

Macmillan Springer (UES) Turkey Universities Distributorship

Teacher Academy / Language Courses / Personal Development Trainings

National and International Education and Conference Organizations

World Labor Organization and Pikolo Association business partner

Sales of books, digital products and exams belonging to international companies